Tinting your car windows should be done perfectly because you need to enjoy the undeniable benefits of investing in it. There are several dos and don’ts you need to know while getting your car tinted by you or your vendor. They give you the perfect guide and thus should be a priority once you decide to get a new look on your car. Window tints come in different shades, which makes it convenient for you to pick your preference.

Here are the do’s and don’ts when getting your car window tinted:


1. Laws that apply

The first thing you need to equip yourself with is the different set of laws that apply in getting your car tints. Different countries and states have rules and regulations on how your car window tint should be, and thus the last thing you need is to be on the wrong side of the law. Knowing these regulations in your specific region helps you get your car tinted to the right specification and not get a traffic ticket. Some of these laws include the shade of tint, which differs in percentage from state to state

2. Who does the installation for you?

Choosing a reliable car window tint vendor is quite important. You need to get value for your money and thus weigh your options on the car window tint vendors at your disposal. Choose one who is experienced and offers professional services. The vendor needs to know the various laws applicable in car window tinting for a perfect installation because you may seek their advice if you do not know them. The shop also needs to be stocked with various tint films, which you can choose based on your preference. Look into the brand’s website for a better view of their reputation and reviews they have over time. Scale down your options based on the quality and cost of the services. It would be best if you choose quality over cheap services since you need value for your money. You would rather pay highly for the tint and service and get the best car window tinting service than getting one that you would have to keep replacing after a month.

3. Installation

Your window needs to be spotlessly clean before the tint film is installed. Clean the window and let it dry completely before you proceed to install the film. Once it’s dry, carefully install by starting at the edges to ensure no air spaces are between the window and the film. Once you carefully install the film, you need to let it cure before you roll down your windows. It should take 2-3 days threes for you to safely roll down your windows.


1. DIY installation

There is always value in getting window tinting by an expert. A DIY would not be the best idea for you, especially if it’s the first time doing it. Get a vendor who has experience in the services and pay to get it done for you. While looking for the best installation pro, do not settle for less since you need your car to look classy and enjoy other benefits of tinting your vehicle. Cheap will be expensive for you and thus get one who is reputable in the service. While getting a car window tinted, ensure your windows are rolled up for a complete fill.

2. Cleaning guide

Who do you get your car window tints cleaned? As part of your keeping your car neat at all times, you need to have a guide on how to clean your tint film cleaned. Please do not use harsh chemicals because they may damage it and lead to patches on it. Instead, use a mild cleaning solution for it, which is perfect. The cloth that you also use matters. Please do not use a fabric that is not soft because it may scratch the film. Invest in a soft material that is easy to use and be gentle while cleaning to avoid any damage. Lastly, as you clean, you need to avoid the edges as much as possible because getting them wet can peel off the film.

3. Do not assume its invisible

As you get your car tinted, please do not assume that its invisible and cannot get scratched at any point. It’s a film prone to get damaged by any sharp object running on it, and thus you need to give your windows the best care. As you load items with sharp edges, open the doors wide open and carefully get them inside. Being cautious will guarantee the durability of your windows. Any small impact on the windows, even a slight scratch by your nails, can be potential damage to it; thus, taking care of your car’s appearance should be a priority you should not ignore.

Food for thought

Once you do it, you get to enjoy a safe drive that has some class and privacy. Also, you block harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and car interior; thus, take time and weigh your options. Whether it’s an SUV or saloon car, get the best shade for your vehicle, and enjoy your rides.